Thank you for your interest in my game.

I would love to invite everyone and anyone to my gaming table, but sadly this is not feasible for a number of reasons. Disregarding time and space (and space time), other there are many things that can cause problems with a game both logistically and otherwise. This is why I have set a few ground rules that you agree to by requesting to sit at my gaming table.

1. Water is our friend. We like to wash our body with it every day. Basically it boils down to this. If the person sitting next to you can smell you, you will be asked to leave. I do not like having to do this but it has been necessary. (Note: this includes strong perfume or cologne as that can cause migraines.)

2. The PHOG is always right. It does not matter what the book says, if I make a ruling it is final. No arguing, griping, or complaining to people after the game. If you have a problem with a decision I made during the game, feel free to address it with me after the session in which it occurred. I will hear you out and we can try to come to an understanding. This does not mean my ruling will change necessarily.

3. Out of Character information being used IN Character will get you asked not to come back. I don’t think this needs clarification but if it does feel free to ask.

4. People don’t always get along, it is the sad truth. If you have an issue with someone at the gaming table, deal with it. Do NOT let it effect the way you interact with the rest of the group. If you start letting your feelings show through in game you will be the one asked to leave. Be civil, I am not asking you to be friends.

5. Be on time. We are all human, and have lives. But please try and be on time. If you are always late understand that I will make decisions for your character while you are not here. If you do need to be late please let me know before the game is supposed to start so we don’t wait for you. The same thing goes for if you can’t make it.

6. If you are under the age of 18 and want in, I expect a face to face interview. I also want 20 minutes alone with a parent, and require written consent for you to play. Sorry but that is the way it is. If you don’t think your mom or dad will give me the Okay, please don’t waist our time. Wait till you are 18 and contact me.
These are not the only expectations, but they are the big ones.


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